Which is the best pet ?

pet animal
pet animal

There are two primary requirements for being a pet owner-

Deep knowledge about sampling.

Whether it is legal for it.

While others should be clarified by the Wildlife Protection Act, it first helps us to understand whether we are ready to make a certain animal domesticated or not.

Some factors that can help you understand are those-


Most people seek pet for their home guarding. In which case, the dog will be given priority.

Physical Appearance

Some animals require your physical presence for long periods if not all. For example, a dog will take longer than cat, fish, turtle etc., so it will definitely be considered an important factor.


While animals can be played with dogs, cats, rabbits etc, animals like fishes, turtles, snakes, birds will always be confined to their homes.

Vet visit

Some animals require frequent visits to veterinarians on a continuous basis. If your time is very important and has been jammed, then birds like aquatic pets or captive will be suitable alternatives.

Daily necessities

All pets should have at least your time in one day. While something else, others need less, it becomes one of the most important factors.

A puppy will need constant care in her initial stages. If you go out of your house and there is nobody in your house, then this will be a big problem.

While birds such as birds, turtles, fish require the same time from beginning to end, but when they talk about their grooming, they eat a great time. The cage/tank will be very busy on the day of cleaning, although it happens once every few months/week.

A dog needs to walk at least 15-30 minutes daily. Is this possible?

In addition, a major consideration should be towards the time when you are on vacation. Will your dog/cat stay in pet centres? Who will feed your pet? Will they feel okay?

So which animal would be the best pet? It depends entirely on the desire of the owner of the pet.

So, in my opinion-

Fishes are great! There is no idea about it

Dogs are good as well, but only if you have time.

Cats are the best! They need your time minimum and you can convince them too.

Snails and turtles are thin but very sweet. They need less of your time. The only issue with turtles is that they can stay at the minimum, you need additional care and detailed study to understand and maintain them.

Rabbit! Although I loved that lovely love, I did the best for him, that is, he left it in his natural habitat.

Which is the best pet ?


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